Accelerator Physics Group of Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre at Kolkata has over the years expanded into several. But its mission objective has been to involve itself into accelerator related R & D programmes and activities primarily focused towards the two cyclotrons namely K130 cyclotron and K500 Superconducting Cyclotron

Over the years the group has provided cyclotron related computational support in beam dynamics, beam optics, magnet design and cryogenics. Presently there has been space charge related issues have been taken up to understand issues related to ADSS system.

Central to a cyclotron laboratory has been development of different types of ion sources. The group has played very important role in development of Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source. Expertise have been developed in RF ion source and Focused Ion beam systems.

The development of ECR Ion source led in due course of time the development of Low Energy heavy ion beam facility. We intend to develop high frequency ECR sources to augment accelerator capabilities.

A sizeable number of physicists are involved with beam delivery programmes of K130 cyclotron while few others are involved with beam development programme of K500 cyclotron

Expertise in vacuum technology is essential in a laboratory like ours and very often the expertise has been used by other institutions in the country. Conventional control has been our other forte

Development of cryogenic technology is being pursued for hands on experience in this expanding field

Physicists have been involved with the work related to large aperture superconducting magnets.

The group has significant contribution in running the beam delivery programmes for experimentalists in nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, atomic physics, condensed matter physics etc.

Needless to say the group in coherence with other groups at VECC is striving to contribute in important areas of research.