Cyclotron Control Section (Conventional)

In the cyclotron, radio-activity is associated with the production of high energy charged particle beams, necessitating the operation of the accelerator through remote control. To protect the personnel and the environment from radio-activity, the 'vault' housing the cyclotron and the experimental 'caves' have biological shields of thick concrete walls around them. 'S' shaped bends are embedded in these shield walls to carry all the services like power cables, signal cables, water and air lines etc. in and out of the vault and cave areas.

A number of electrical and mechanical interlocks are in place for the safe operation of the cyclotron. For controlling all the equipments and services required for operating the cyclotron and optimizing various parameters, an extensive remote control system is used. Most of the conventional control systems are located in the control room which is situated outside the biological shield. The control console in the control room has switches for all the power supplies like main magnet, radio frequency system, ion-source, deflector and other magnet power supplies etc; their controls and read outs for setting voltages or currents, emergency trip buttons, alarm annunciation system buttons, current integrators, frequency synthesizer, push buttons for gate-valves, faraday cups, beam viewers, shield wall plugs etc. Behind the console there are control panels equipped with beam viewers, CCTV monitoring, computerized monitoring of vacuum system and computer control system, radiation monitoring system, beam line vacuum operation and control system, alarm annunciation units , deflector model etc. In addition to these controls located in the control room, there are local inspection stations, emergency shutdown buttons, emergency door opening buttons for vault, pit and cave areas and local door control panels for normal opening and closing of the shield doors are also present.





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